In the period (2006- 20010), UZIMA sets out to mobilize youth around safe and clean fun (sports and theatre among them) reduction of illness among themselves and their communities, particularly, and those arising from HIV/AIDS/TB and Malaria as well as containment of substance abuse. This will be done while building on lessons learnt from UZIMA’s past experiences on management of youth sexuality, promotion of compassion, gender equity, peace, and economic empowerment. UZIMA will impart to youth relevant information, knowledge and skills; link them with fellow youth and experienced individuals and organizations; engage their innovative spirit, enthusiasm, energy, openness, fair play, courage and optimism as assets and advocate for youth involvement in decision making processes from the grassroots to the national and international levels.


  1. Strengthen, in a community-based context, existing youth groups and support formation of new ones through which young people can articulate their problems, plan how to solve them and carry out actions.
  2. Organize and showcase the crucial role of Safe and Clean Fun activities as a modality for mobilizing youth and promoting healthy living in a context of infotainment, talent identification and its development.
  3. Promote economic empowerment among the youth through youth enterprise approaches that enhance lifelong business acumen for poverty reduction and wealth creation.
  4. Enhance innovative engagement of young men and women in the containment of HIV/AIDS and malaria as well as substance abuse.
  5. Explore modalities that improve gender equity among youth and in communities.
  6. Engage the youths in education and practices that promote peace, justice, democracy and human rights.
  7. Engage youth in activities geared to environmental conservation and management.

Programme areas

We plan on tackling these objectives through 11 programme components. For the content of each of the programme components, below, including detailed budget information, please contact the UZIMA Foundation Secretariat. For all our contact information please click here.

Programme component 1 – Mobilization of youth and formation of youth groups
Programme component 2 – Promotion of economic empowerment
Programme component 3 – Promotion of edutainment/clean and safe fun
Programme component 4 – Promotion of peace and justice
Programme component 5 – Promotion of gender equity
Programme component 6 – Engagement in control of HIV/AIDS and Promotion of reproductive health among youth
Programme component 7 – Engagement in control of Malaria
Programme component 8 – Engagement in control of substance abuse
Programme component 9 – Promotion of environmental management
Programme component 10 – Promotion of partnerships
Programme component 11 – Scholarship and leadership development