Among the agencies that supported UZIMA workshops on Reproductive and Sexual health in the period 1996 – 2005 included United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), Family Health international (FHI), that supplement ongoing contributions of Friends of UZIMA & Ford Foundation.

In 2000 the Rockefeller Foundation of New York provided financial support for UZIMA Foundation to document and analyze sexual behavior changes.

Behavior changes* Change in Women Change in men
Changed to 1 sex partner 48% 45%
Reduced No. of sex partners 20% 40.6%
Practicing abstinence 40% 9%
Used condom in past encounter 4% 29.7%
Use condom with regular partner 20% 37.5%
Knowledge of methods of HIV transmission 100% 100%

*Baseline surveys were not done at the beginning. However, by their own admission, these youth “had not bothered to worry about such things” and so the practices were assumed to have been no more than 2-5% for each of the practices listed above prior to UZIMA intervention.

UZIMA HIV/AIDS awareness mobolization through public youth led events.
UZIMA youth during a convention on HIV/AIDS and Good Governance