Youth in Africa are hungry for books to read to which they can relate in terms of their social, cultural and physical environment. These youth are also hungry for books that would inform them about the world and those that would help them perform well in their studies. Already a number of youth groups that UZIMA works with have presented requests for books. Also schools in the areas in which UZIMA is active have presented the need for books, both fiction and non fiction, as one of their greatest needs. Therefore, UZIMA has undertaken to embark on addressing this need through two modalities.

1.) Presenting titles of willing authors through this website. UZIMA has began a process of interesting authors to partner with UZIMA in the distribution of books they have written to youth. For more information on how to be a collaborating author please contact us by using our contact form available on our contact page by clicking here and selecting the “collaborating author” option under “Select a contact reason”.

2.) Another route is to donate books that you have or can obtain to UZIMA Foundation for distribution. For more information on how to get these books to UZIMA please contact us by using our contact form available on our contact page by clicking here and selecting the “Donate books” option under “Select a contact reason”.

Books currently available

The co-founder of UZIMA Foundation, Professor Miriam K Were, in consultation with her publishers, MvuleAfrica Publishers, has offered the four novels that she has written to start of this undertaking. Proceeds from the book sales generated through this website will be donated to UZIMA Foundation Africa.

There are various book packs available, the higher number of books ordered, the lower the price per book. You can purchase books for your personal use. Alternatively you can purchase books for children in UZIMA Foundation partner schools and youth groups.

Book packs

Pack of four books = USD 40.00 (USD 10.00 per book)

Pack of 20 books = USD 160.00 (USD 8.00 per book)

Pack of 100 books = USD 600.00 (USD 6.00 per book)

The prices above are inclusive of distribution costs within Kenya.

The prices above do not include postage and handling if books are being sent out of Kenya.

Keep a youth informed and entertained! order a book pack today!

The Boy In Between

M.K. Were book cover

As he grows up, Namunyu finds himself the ‘in-between’ son in his family. Too young to join in with his big brothers but too old to be one of the little ones. It would be a frustrating situation for a less lively and enterprising boy, but Namunyu’s reaction is a determination to make his own place in the world – and to become a Makerere student one day.

He is accepted by a new mission school which offers much of interested, not least the staff: fierce Mr Fume, kindly Reverend Goodley, hygiene Nurse Gleam and the been-to Mr. Bawa, who ‘mentioned “the states” with such tenderness, the boys thought it must have been heaven.’

The High School Gent

M.K. Were book cover

Namunyu, the hero of The Boy in Between, is now in secondary school. At first it is a chastening experience. He shines neither in class nor on the playing field. The senior boys, with their sophisticated talk of School Certificate, girls and other adult topics, seem crushing in their loft superiority.

Will the new boy find his feet? His first small triumph, when he is invited to join the choir, ends in disappointment. And yet from this moment onwards Namunyu must belong to High School life, with the attendant challenges of transition from childhood through adolescence and preparation for responsible adulthood in a fast-changing world. Will he manage?

The Eighth Wife

M.K. Were book cover

The eighth wife is a tender love story. Kalimonje, a beautiful and shy young woman, is sought after by the old village chief and his eldest son alike. The clever and stubborn chief wants Kalimonje as his last gift in life – an eighth wife. But Kalimonje wants to be a first wife. So who will marry the beauty – father or son?

Your Heart is my Altar

M.K. Were book cover

What do two young people who are fondly in love do when their relationship comes up against, ethic, cultural, and religious impediments? Do they obey social dictates, or do they listen to their throbbing hearts?