When we in UZIMA Foundation meet the people who benefit from those who support UZIMA Foundation, the story is always the same. Those we work with want us to express their gratitude to the supporters for helping to bring positive change in their lives. They want us to say, “Asante Sana” .. “Thank you very much”. Even a small contribution can mean improved quality of life for someone who spends hours each day struggling to survive. Your involvement makes you a partner in our mission of “Touching a life”. Touch a Life!

There are various ways in which you can support the work of UZIMA Foundation to reach and work with the youth in need. Touch a Life!

  1. Touch a Life! – Build the Endowment Fund
  2. Touch a Life! – Build the Training and Rehabilitation Centre
  3. Touch a Life! – Donate books
  4. Touch a Life! – Donate money

Thank you