UZIMA Foundation Africa board member


Masters Degree in International Economics and International Relations
Bachelors Degree in Economics


Ms. Nthenya Mule heads up Acumen Fund’s Kenya Office. Through her work, Ms. Mule works with innovative entrepreneurs in the health, water and sanitation, housing and energy sectors, whose businesses deliver goods and services to low income households.

Ms. Mule has over seven years consulting experience, both in microfinance and macroeconomic policy issues. She has strong background in policy and operational issues pertaining to the microfinance industry in Africa, as well as a strong foundation in policy issues pertaining to sub-Saharan Africa’s political economy.

Ms. Mule has been engaged in assignments pertaining to strategy development for institutions, as well as developing sectoral strategy for the microfinance sector in Kenya. Ms. Mule has been involved in a number of assignments in collaboration with donors in the East and Central African region, that have either addressed donor strategy and policy to different sectors in the economy, including financial services delivery and agricultural development.

Ms. Mule has also carried out training and market research and product development assignments in microfinance and has excellent communication skills. Through her work in market research, she has been involved in helping institutions develop creative marketing strategies for their financial products.

Ms. Mule is a very versatile consultant with proven communication and multi-lingual skills and the ability to work in multi-cultural environments.

Ms. Mule has a Masters Degree in International Economics and International Relations and a Bachelors Degree in Economics.