UZIMA Foundation Africa board member

Role: Chairperson of the board


Humphreys is the co-founder and the current Chairperson of UZIMA Foundation. He holds a BSc (Agriculture) from Addis Ababa University (When it was still known as Haile Selassie I University) and a Masters degree from the University of Wisconsin. Currently he is a self-employed farmer and businessman, conducting mixed farming in livestock, sugar cane, amaranthus and maize. From 1999 to date he has served on the Kenya National Poverty Eradication Commission, which acts at the community level and advises the Government on policies relevant to enhancing poverty reduction and capacity building for poverty reduction initiatives in Kenya.

The chairperson has held various posts both nationally and internationally. These include working for UNICEF as the Project Officer, Integrated Research, out posted to the Relief Rehabilitation Commission (Early Warning Planning Services) of the People Democratic Republic of Ethiopia; Resident Project Officer (RPO) for UNICEF in Operations Lifeline Sudan, Southern Sector; Consultant to UNHCR in Ethiopia which involved drawing up work plans for resettling 8000 Sudanese refugees in Asosa, Ethiopia.

Nationally his MSc degree in Livestock Development and BSc in Agriculture placed him in a ideal position to have been the first African appointed Chief Executive of the Agricultural Society of Kenya (ASK) that hosts the annual Nairobi Agricultural Show/Nairobi International Trade Fair. He was also the first African to lead the Kenya National Livestock Research Centre. Prior to this he served as a District Agriculture Officer and then Provincial Director of Agriculture. He has also served on the international board of the Young Farmers’ Association.

Humphreys brings to the board wide experience in development, management, as well as networking. He is the key advisor to the board and UZIMA youth on farming practices.