UZIMA Foundation Africa board member

Role:Advisor, counseling and educational matters

B.Ed, MA Divinity (Counseling)


Grace is the current executive Director of Crisis Pregnancy Ministry, a youth serving organization that helps young people to deal with their sexuality in the Christian context. She has served as the chair person of the Nairobi Baptist Church Women Ministries.

Grace and her husband Fred were among the first members of the Board of Trustees.

A Holder of BA in Education and an MA in counselling, Grace has worked as a high school teacher in several schools including the Starehe Boys Center where she taught Christian Religious studies and History. She is and a prolific public speaker especially in churches and church based organizations and is involved in professional counselling.

Grace’s current job where she works with young people on a day to day basis makes her a valuable resource to the board in issues that involve adolescent sexuality, dealing with depressed or traumatized youths etc. Her managerial skills are useful to the board.