With the support of Catholic Relief Services (CRS), UZIMA Foundation embarked in the campaign of Abstinence and Being Faithful (AB) under the promotion of reproductive and HIV/AIDS awareness with the objective of fostering for behaviour change in the community.

This program has begun with an intensive training on AB concept whereas UZIMA youth were trained as Peer Counselors/Educators to reach out with relevant message on AB. The program is designed to target in and out of school youths and the community in general.

In school, Peer Counselors reach out with messages on abstinence highlighting on strategies and importance for encouaraging young people to abstain. The theme for young people in school is dubbed “STAKI STAIN – NIME ABSTAIN” (No Stain – Abstain).

Out-school, Peer counselor bring out the importance of abstinence with the mind of “some youth are in long term relationship and looking forward to marriage”.

To those that are married the message is the importance being faithfu to one sexual partner and families life. The slogan for this target group dubbed “Married and Faithful! Are you?” posing a challenge for those in marriage relationship to re-think and change behavior.