Prof. Miriam K. Were leads UZIMA youth, staff and supporters in song and danceUZIMA Foundation thanks Japan for honouring the work of Mama Miriam and congratulates Mama Miriam on the award of the Hideyo Noguchi Africa Prize for Medical Services.

This is our public statement to add to what we have already told you in word and dance that we truly rejoice with you. We at UZIMA Foundation thank God Almighty for what He has done for you. We know how hard you have worked to improve the health of the people Kenya and Africa and we congratulate you and rejoice as beneficiaries.

Prof Miriam K. Were donates a computer to UZIMA Foundation in 1996For us in UZIMA Foundation, you have birthed UZIMA Foundation from the beginning and we in UZIMA Foundation have benefited immensely from your brilliant mind and compassionate heart as you have nurtured UZIMA Foundation to grow. We are aware that this has also been sacrificial from you, from the Chairman of the UZIMA Foundation Board, your husband Humphreys R. Were, and indeed your family as you have all tirelessly given support to UZIMA Foundation. We feel that we fully share in this award in the work we have done to promote provision of space for the input of our youth in improving the quality of their lives and that of their communities that life may be lived with hope.

May the Lord God multiply what comes from the award a million times and also multiply the benefits that come from it. May the youths of Africa and the world who are so close to your heart be inspired by the model of committed service you set before us all.